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Just a follow up: My Boltek LD-250 which you repaired for me back in February 2015 is working fine. I even have been able to turn down Squelch as the noises have been reduced. I hope my LD-250 will work for many years now - I keep my fingers crossed. Again - thank you very much for great service - when I get the chance I will for certain recommend you - and I have also put a recommendation for you at my website http://www.silkeborg-vejret.dk/ .
Henrik Jessen, Denmark

I’ve been using Boltek instruments from all the way back in the “ISA card” days. I’ve currently setup the instrument arrangement of both the StormTracker and electric field monitor. I’m still trying to figure out the nuances of the EFM-100 data but I love working with that instrument. Great stuff guys, thanks for all of the R&D.
Rick Schmidt, PA

We received feedback from one of our clients yesterday that have an EFM-100 unit installed at one of their open cast coal mines. They were busy laying explosive charges on Friday 13 April, when a Very High Field warning was sounded. As a result the mine was evacuated. Shortly thereafter a lightning strike caused two boxes of explosives to ignite (explode). The warning from the EFM-100 therefore saved the lives of the 4 persons that were evacuated from the explosives area.
Glen Roberts, EnviroMon Weather Service

The software and the equipment both work great. The Boltek unit often sees storm activity long before our $25,000 aviation Stormscope. In fact, it works so well that we have retired one of our two Stormscopes and the other now serves only as a backup unit to the LD-250. I’m so impressed with the Boltek unit and the service I’ve received from you guys that I’m seriously considering purchasing one of the PCI units for use at home.
C.P., US Army

We purchased one of your original detectors years ago when they first became available and it gave us approx 8 years of reliable and dependable service without any problems, The reason we are ordering new equipment is due to severe storm damage here back in the summer. Thanks again for making such high quality and dependable products and we look forward to using our new EFM100 as soon as we receive it!
Tim Brandt, Dixon Weather, Dixon, Missouri

Hello Mr. Boll! You haven’t heard from me for some time because the processor fix resolved my issue with the GPS V. We had a busy storm season here in Central Ohio this year, so the 250 was run through its paces pretty conclusively. I am very satisfied with its performance.
I notice that when weaker to normal storms are moving through, the bearing is very accurate but the range (distance) can be a little off. Notably, the activity is usually plotted further distant than it actually is by about one ‘distance ring’ in whatever scale I’ve selected. These are the run-of-the-mill summer thunderstorms that most often don’t carry any severe activity. There were however many instances when we had some ‘monster’ stuff rumble through - and when the storms were running really severe, the plots were so accurate that I could drive to within a quarter mile of the leading edge. Very impressive.
Oh, one storm this past spring came to me before I could escape - with a torrential downpour of 2 - 3” hailstones and 50 mph winds for over five minutes duration. The Tahoe has a new hood and new plastic wind guards.
Stan Broadway, Westerville, Ohio

There was a fire started in the Rincon mountains east of Tucson on the 17th of June. The LD-250 appears to have very accurately captured that strike. A second fire was found in the Catalina mountains north of Tucson. The LD-250 did not indicate that it was caused by lightning, this was verified on the news when Global Atmospherics, based here in Tucson, said that there were no strikes in the Catalina’s.
Art Edwards, Flight Safety

We had one heck of a morning yesterday. I’ve attached the data file so you could see how your StormTracker performed. The combination of new maps and the new version has been wonderful. This line of boomers was at times right over us, or within 5 miles to the west. WOW, we are all very impressed! This storm was a fairly rare occurance for us here, but a great verification of StormTracker, which has been a valuable tool for us.

We are using your StormTracker here in a couple places and it works very well. We’ve been tracking lightning storms since spring and have been very sucessfull with it.
C.M., Marysville, OH

Your new software ... is working great. I’m very happy with your program. It’s working better than ever. Keep up the good work.

I enjoy the StormTracker very much. The improvements you have made really improve the accuracy of this amazing instrument.
J.O., Beaverdale, PA

Thanks again. The StormTracker was a wonderful investment.
M.W., Sidney, OH

I use the system for my SKYWARN use. I’m a SKYWARN Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service. This system is a great product for someone like me who is very interested in weather and for my SKYWARN needs. Once again, great product.
A.R., Twin Cities, MN

I have noticed that you have a new upgrade for your lightning detection system. It’s very fantastic, and I like it very much. Thank you!
M.A., Honolulu, HI

StormTracker ... showed the tornadic storm north of Austin yesterday very clearly from 200 miles away.

A year ago we purchased the StormTracker Lightning Detector system from Boltek. I am pleased to say the hardware works fine, and the system has proven to be a valuable addition to our in-house weather system. This is very important to us, since lightning has a major impact on our summer operations.
M.T., Canada

It has been a worthwhile investment and has helped my understanding of the weather around here.
M.C., The Phillipines

I have been very happy with your system and look forward to future updates.

New version 2.01 works great, THANKS.

I purchased one of your systems about three years ago and it has performed very well for me. I used it in conjunction with NEXRAD scans which enabled me to really pinpoint the storms. I am located in the Mojave Desert and we are getting thunderstorm activity almost daily here. I provide storm information to the local fire stations and Highway Patrol and to Caltrans and they are very appreciative of the information and amazed at the accuracy of the tracking.
R.W., Hesperia, CA

I enjoy StormTracker alot and look forward to a good thunderstorm season here in North Dakota this year.

I’ve really enjoyed working with your detector. Thanks for the great product.
K.L., Orlando, FL

I have been very impressed with your unit, and it’s now gone through two seasons, working on its third.

I am just writing to let you know I think you have a great system here. I would highly recommend your lightning detector to anyone.

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