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Boltek Lightning Detection Accessories

Check out all of our accessories for a perfect compliment to any of our lightning detectors. They are designed for
a wide range of applications and installation setups, and even for a more personalized custom setup, or simply to
have on hand for spare replacement parts.


Our line up of EFM-100 accessories include a variety of cables, fiber optic adapters, serial servers, and inverted mounting kits


Optional hardware for the LD-350 includes a GPS Timestamp Kit for creating a Lightning Network, Relay Output Module, Outdoor Antenna Enclosure, lightning display software, cables, and adapters.


LD-250 Accessories include GPS/Compass for detecting strikes while on the go, Relay Output Module, Outdoor Antenna Enclosures, display software, cables and adapters.

StormTracker PCI

Accessories for the StormPCI include a GPS Timestamp Kit for creating a lightning network, display software, Outdoor Antenna Enclosure, and antenna cable.

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