Boltek EFM-100 Demo

Follow the instructions below to remotely display data from our demonstration field mill (or from any other EFM-100 on a networked computer). You must have a working internet connection in order to view the Boltek Demo EFM-100.

Step 1: Download and install the latest EFM-100 V1.33 software.

Step 2: Once the software has been installed, run the software by selecting Start -> All Programs -> Boltek -> EFM-100 Electric Field Monitors

Step 3: On the Tools -> Options screen, enter in the Network box and 3000 in the Port box, then click on Accept.

Once your software connects to the Boltek Demo EFM-100, the data display will turn green and the current data will be displayed.

Several pre-recorded storms are also included. Select File -> Open and choose one of the sample files.

Use the zoom handles to zoom in on an area of interest. Click on a zoom handle and drag it along the axis you wish to adjust.

Click and drag between the zoom handles to scroll the display.

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