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For use with the LD-250 and LD-350 long range lightning detectors.
*The ANT-2 replaces the ANT-1 Lightning Sensor and ENC-1 Outdoor Antenna Enclosure

ANT-2 Lightning Sensor Replacement

ANT-2 Lightning Sensor


Weatherproof and UV protected housing.
Quick and easy installation
RF Range: 50kHz-500kHz
Base thread size: 3/4" NPT

Parts Included

ANT-2 Lightning Sensor Head (with base for 3/4” NPT pipe mount)

Optional Mounting Hardware:
Aluminum Mast, 14” L x 1” OD)
Mounting Bracket (6.5"x2-1/4"x1-1/2” LxWxD)
2 x U-Bolts (1-1/8” ID)
3 x Clamps (Range 1-13/16” to 2-3/4” / 46 to 70mm)
3 x Clamps (Range 3-1/16” to 4” / 78 to 102 mm)

3 Ft Tripods Available


Mounting Hardware (optional)
Cat6 Antenna Cable (optional)

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