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The LRX-1 is a high precision / high accuracy lightning network detector that delivers strike data to up to three separate servers within milliseconds of a strike occurrence.

LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector

LRX-1 with ANT-50


High accuracy timing GPS and signal capture
Can be configured with up to three independant servers
Remote administration and firmware updates
Weatherproof and UV resistant sensor
Does not require a PC for data transmission


The LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector allows users to create a lightning detection network. In the standard configuration, data from multiple distributed lightning detectors is sent over the internet to a central server for processing.  Once the exact strike location is calculated the data is both stored in a database on the server and sent back over the internet to live display clients.  Static and animated lightning maps can also be created for display on a web site.

Parts Included

LRX-1 Lightning Network Detector
ANT-50 Lightning Sensor / GPS
Pole Mount Bracket / Mast for ANT-50
120VAC or 100-240VAC Power Supply
100Ft (30m) CAT5 Cable for ANT-50 Lightning Sensor
100Ft (30m) CAT5 Cable for ANT-50 GPS
6Ft (1.8m) CAT5 Cable for Network

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