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EFM-100 V1.33 Software with E-mail and SMS Messaging Alert

Download the new EFM-100 V1.33 Software. Now updated to send E-mail and SMS alerts for remote notifications.

EFA-20 USB - Fiber Optic Converter for EFM-100
EFA-20 Fiber Optic Adapter for EFM-100
The EFA-20 USB to Fiber Optic Converter allows you to connect an EFM directly to your computer’s USB port without the inconvenience of first converting to RS-232 (with the EFA-10).

ERL-10 Lightning Relay Module for EFM-100
ERL-10 Lightning Relay Module
The ERL-10 Lightning Relay Module for the EFM-100 provides timed relay outputs for up to 3 lightning alarm ranges.
Click here for the ERL-10 Data Sheet. See the Accessories Page to order.

Pole Mount Version of the EFM-100 Inverted Mounting Kit

The EFM-100 Inverted Mounting Kit is now available in either 2 foot tripod, 3 foot tripod or pole mount versions.
See the Inverted Pole Mounting Kit page for details.

Boltek BGW312 Ethernet Serial Server

The Boltek BGW312 Ethernet Serial Server allows an EFM-100 and/or LD-250 to be remotely located any distance from the display computer using Ethernet to relay the data. Adding a long-range Wi-Fi Ethernet bridge also makes wireless operation possible up to several miles.
See the BGW312 web page for more information.

StormForce XR Upgrade to StormForce Lightning Display Software

Danny Knaggs has announced an upgrade to his open source lightning display software StormForce. New StormForce XR has been split into two components, the server side and client side, allowing completely headless operation of the software. The new software communicates using XMLRPC which also allows third-party software to talk to the server side. For more information on StormForce XR see the StormForce Project home page: http://code.google.com/p/stormforce/

Stanwyck Avionics AWOS/ASOS Display Software for Airports

Stanwyck Avionics Inc has developed the SAI AWOS/ASOS Graphical Display Software for airports. Their software accepts data from the Boltek LD-250 Lightning Detection System and Boltek EFM-100 Atmospheric Electric Field Monitor to provide lightning advisories to airports across America. Click here for live data from the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). Press F11 to toggle full-screen display.

LD-250M Ruggedized Lightning Detector

The LD-250M is a ruggedized version of our popular LD-250 Lightning Detector. Fully IP67 compliant, with MIL spec connectors it is optimized for situations where a lightning detector needs to be repeatedly deployed or where the environment can be unfriendly to unprotected electronics. Basic installation instructions for the lightning sensor are printed on the top of the unit to aid in deployment for those unfamiliar with the system. The LD-250M is functionally identical to Boltek’s LD-250 Lightning Detector. Contact Boltek for more information.

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