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For use with the ERL-10 Kits. Outdoor LED stacklight for use with the Boltek ERL-10 programmable relay module and lightning detection systems.

Outdoor Stacklight SL180-3-RYG

SL180-3-RYG Outdoor Stacklight


The Boltek SL-180 series LED stacklights (signal towers) are robustly designed for use outdoors in all weather.  

The SL-180’s large diameter provides excellent visibility over long distances, making them also ideal for indoor use in a larger facility.

High intensity LED’s make them clearly visible, even in direct sunlight.

Choice of flash pattern allows annunciating different levels of alert within the same color, for example: red steady-on, red single flash, red double flash.

Connect to the ERL-10 using the FR-4 Fused Relay Module


4 conductor 18AWG Cable (optional)

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